City Invites Community to Provide Input on Possible Future Amphitheater for Santa Clarita

The City of Santa Clarita is encouraging the public to provide their feedback for a potential amphitheater in Santa Clarita at the “Arts and Entertainment Summit” on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. The public meeting will take place at The Centre, located at 20880 Centre Pointe Parkway. After a quick informational presentation, residents are invited to lend their voice to help identify potential locations, appearance and focus for an amphitheater, should one be built in Santa Clarita. An RSVP is required to attend and can be completed at

Throughout its history, the City of Santa Clarita has been committed to providing its residents with opportunities to experience art-based events, performances and programs.  Since the 1998 Cultural Arts Master Plan, the City was identified as the best option to serve as the Lead Arts Agency for the area. Since that time, City residents have advocated for an amphitheater to host outdoor performances. In the 2016 Arts Master Plan the City emphasized an interest in an amphitheater capitalizing on the nature and open space available in the Santa Clarita Valley. The addition of an amphitheater would allow the City to host events in an environment that is specifically designed for their art and entertainment needs.

For more information regarding the Arts and Entertainment Summit, please contact Jenni Thompson at For more information regarding the Santa Clarita Arts Master Plan, please visit the About page on this site.

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