Business Name: Athanasia

ATHANASIA are a power trio playing a highly original hybrid of classic arena/black/thrash metal styles. The band was founded by Santa Clarita resident Caleb Bingham in 2004 under the name ASCENSION. As a result of passing around the band’s early demos on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, Caleb landed a gig with the then newly formed FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH in 2005 and ultimately earned two gold records for his work on what became their first two albums, “The Way of the Fist” and “War Is the Answer.”

Upon being released from 5FDP in 2007 due to his young age, Caleb continued to write under the name ASCENSION, recording several more unreleased demos and one EP at the behest of veteran Roadrunner Records A&R Monte Conner. Largely due to that label’s merger with WMG, negotiations broke down and the band was shelved again in 2010 while Bingham played with Swedish death metal act ZONARIA for 4 years.

Upon parting ways with ZONARIA due to a leg injury sustained while playing with the group, Caleb decided to put all his efforts back into what he had worked so hard to create. Joined by Santa Clarita bassist Brandon Miller, and veteran drummer Jason West (MURDERDOLLS, WEDNESDAY 13, MURDER FM), Bingham resurrected the band under a new name, ATHANASIA, recording its first full-length release entitled “The Order of the Silver Compass.”

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Address: Santa Clarita, CA