VideoMagic Productions

VideoMagic Productions

Business Name: VideoMagic Productions

VideoMagic was born while fulfilling the needs of small business owners, salespeople, professionals, and artists. Started as RBK Color Video in 1979, VideoMagic re-emerged into the high-tech, digital world of today. Yet, their values have remained the same. Providing high-quality, cost-effective, creatively compelling videos, they use a marketing platform of personal branding to get their client’s message directly to each customer.

Small business owners know that they need a video presence on the web but are unsure of where to go, how to get it, or what to do. They fear the new technology, the cost, and speaking in front of a camera. Marketing ideas, the strategies and how to implement them are an unknown territory for most small business owners.

Bonnie from VideoMagic has a background in theatre and films as a professional actress. She have also taught acting and directed. She is able to take away all the worry and stress, hold clients by the hand every step of the way, and help them create their video niche on the web.

VideoMagic produces high-quality video commercials at prices anyone can afford, from filming to final edited production.

Website Address: Bonnie Keith Productions
Phone Number: 661-755-1699