Santa Clarita Sidewalk Poetry Project

Santa Clarita Sidewalk Poetry Project2021-02-23T14:20:03-08:00

The 2021 Sidewalk Poetry
Call For Entry is Now Closed.

Winners will be announced in March.


The Sidewalk Poetry Project stamps original poetry into sections of damaged sidewalks that are being rehabilitated, so final locations will be determined by availability. Selected poems may be placed near parks, bus stops, trailheads, crosswalks, schools, or shopping centers.

The theme for 2021 is Poetry of Place and Community. Poems will reflect the cultural, natural, and shared spaces in Santa Clarita.


2020 Sidewalk Poetry Winners

Ten poems were selected as the winners of the 2020 Sidewalk Poetry Project, from more than 85 total submissions.

Ian Andersen

Blackened oaks and silver ash
Nurture serene spring saplings
Lifting arms to oceans of sky
Alive once more

Jessica June Rowe

Who says we don’t have seasons?
When the sharp edges of summer
fade and Santa Anas spring forth
and heat-curled leaves fall gold
and cover the Earth like snow.

Kathryn Jennings Fogg

Shadows cast
by leaves and birds
dance upon
a poet’s words.

Ashley Alvarenga

Howling winds caress the valley
Rolling Fields of onions
Oaks of the ranches
Yet here we are in the remnants
Oblivious to what once was.

Katherine Kihiczak

I learn calm riverside; summer
Reminds: it’s your river, too-
Call the current a song,
So its crests are drummers
Soft stones- a home in its blue.

Ojo Taiye

what’s desire if not some kind
of grace, my heart, a faithful
dumb muscle
beating only for
Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Garry Gay

drifting in sunlight . . .
dandelion seeds set free
by a puff of wind.

Amy Hough-Dugdale

Santa Clarita: sacred river.
Know the spirit of our name.
When winds and fires scorch
Let us remember
the spring that wells within.

Andrew McCutcheon

Thank you for stopping to read this.
Some might think you’re dawdling,
but a poem is a place
for us to pause, reflect and see
the world with different eyes.

Kaelyn Peay

The oaks here are a marvel.
Stoically fragrant with life,
their leaves curled,
green and grasping,
drinking the heat like water.