Nine poems have been selected as the winners of the 2019 Sidewalk Poetry Project. This year’s theme is Poetry of Place, focusing on both landscapes and the built environment, reflecting shared spaces in our community. In the 2018 Arts Commission Work Plan and Public Art Proposal presented to the City Council on September 26, 2017, the Sidewalk Poetry Project was identified as a public art project. The Sidewalk Poetry project will include original poems, which will be stamped into cement on sidewalks throughout the City of Santa Clarita in spring 2019, as part of the Public Works department’s sidewalk rehabilitation program.

The Artist Selection Committee, a panel five of non-city employee experts evaluated the 2018 program and improved the selection process for the 2019 program.  The Call for Poetry was posted one through and collected 281 submissions.  The Committee juried and selected the following finalists. Project winners will receive a $150 stipend, and are encouraged to attend the Sidewalk Poetry project dedication scheduled for spring 2019. The locations and dedication ceremony will be announced.

Abby Kirby

Grandmother sends me dandelions
Where the grass meets the road
They remind me of her hair
Done in soft yellow curls
Coming home from the salon

Abi Wurdeman

“I touch the tree,” he says,
this tiny palm soft
against rugged centuries,
tiny feet newly rooted
in our shared golden earth.

Katherine Kihiczak

The sky, so pure, untouched
A lake without a swimmer
Clouds pass, slowly waltzing
Other days a furious tango
A mirror reflecting the ocean

Katherine Ward

A country home, once unknown.
Streets grow like rivers breaking ground.
People come like rain.
Small town at heart, we still feel it beat.
We remember.

Jaclyn Bennett

Keening gusts hurry
Disquieting native ghosts
Anchored by sharp bone

Linda Ravenswood

I make home here.
I see the onion field because I planted bulbs in mud last spring.
Beyond my pitch tent, my pan
in the water, I see the future.

Hailey Rutter

eyes drink in myriads of colors
shrub mosaics cloak mountains
exquisite light adorns edifices
fitful winds rustle wizened oaks
holistically ethereal

Amy Hough-Dugdale

Your feet, pens.
Our city, poetry

Valerie Swanson

Thousands of leaves
fluttering in trees
like little hands
waving at me