Jan 14

Three-Tier Development Process Adopted

Adopted a three-tier process of developing arts grants and public arts projects, utilizing outside peer panels. (Recommendation 4.1)

Jul 01

Creative Connection Launched

Creative Connection Launched

Completed development of a leadership training and placement program called Creative Connection for business and community leaders to serve on boards of arts organizations. (Recommendation 6.4)

Aug 09

Arts Confab

Arts Confab

First Arts Confab held in conjunction with the Thursdays@Newhall Arts Walk.

Jul 01

Amphitheater Feasibility Study

Completed an Amphitheater Feasibility Study. (Recommendation 5.1)

Jul 01

Arts Education Collaborative Established

Arts Commission established the Arts Education Collaborative. (Recommendation 3.1)

Jun 01

Marketing Consultant Funding Approved

Funding was approved to hire a marketing consultant to develop a comprehensive arts marketing program. (Recommendation 9.1)

May 01

Cycling Bear Installed

The public art piece, Cycling Bear by Frank Rock, was installed on Bike to Work week located on the Chuck Pontus Commuter Trail.

Mar 01

Support Begins for Newhall Family Theatre

Support Begins for Newhall Family Theatre

City of Santa Clarita entered into an agreement to support the operation of the Newhall Family Theatre for the Performing Arts. (Recommendation 2.1)

Feb 01

Arts Consultant Hired

Hired an “on-call” artist, Arts Consultant, to work with City departments and the Arts Commission to suggest aesthetic enhancement for public improvements. (Recommendation 1.5)

Jan 01

Grant Received

The City of Santa Clarita was awarded $90,000 in Arts Grants.