Creative Comforts Virtual Reception

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Creative Comforts

“Creative Comforts” is a new exhibition now open virtually and in-person at the First Floor Gallery at City Hall. This collection of artwork exhibits the wonderful world of food and showcases a variety of artists’ favorite comfort foods, some with recipes for the viewers to try on their own time. The Creative Comforts exhibition is being shown in conjunction with Santa Clarita Public Library’s One Story One City program. The 2021 selection is “Eat Joy: Stories & Comfort Food from 31 Celebrated Writers” edited by Natalie Eve Garrett. These short essays illustrate personal experiences through recipes.

Check Out the Virtual Exhibition HERE.

Enjoy a Virtual Art Reception HERE
in an interactive stroll through the exhibition.

Learn to Cook ‘Pasta al Limone’ with FeedSCV’s Chef Scott Ervin and hear from the artist’s behind ‘Creative Comforts.’

Uncle Scott Ervin grew up in his nana’s kitchen learning the tricks of the trade in an authentic Italian-American home. Scott is one of the original Santa Clarita Foodies, and co-founder of feedSCV, a nonprofit in Santa Clarita dedicated to making sure everyone has the skills, knowledge, and resources to make a great meal at home, everyday. As the co-founder, and CFO, Scott develops recipes for feedSCV’s demonstration kitchen and live-streaming, and is known for his legendary Speakeasy Bakery Sourdough, hand-made pasta and killer BBQ ribs. Scott lives in North Valencia with his wife Madeline, and his three dogs, who are always kept full with scraps flying about the kitchen.

After the live cooking demonstration, several of our exhibition artists will be speaking live about their pieces included in the gallery. Hear what motivates these artists to create their own ‘Comfort Foods.’

Learn More about Santa Clarita’s One Story One City


Every year, the Santa Clarita Public Library’s One Story One City program encourages discussion between residents and promotes reading and learning through the celebration of one story during the month of March. The Santa Clarita Public Library is excited to announce this year’s 2021 book selection Eat Joy: Stories & Comfort Food from 31 Celebrated Writers, edited by Natalie Eve Garrett! Eat Joy: Stories & Comfort Food from 31 Celebrated Writers, is a collection of intimate and illustrated essays from literary writers all across the nation. Each essay explores our relationships with food and how it can bring comfort during dark or difficult times.

Interview with Artist Maho Martin


“In my homeland of Japan, restaurants often fill their front windows with realistic fake food, showcasing to customers the dishes they have to offer. My own fake food art inspiration comes from this Japanese “sanpuru” culture which I’ve loved since I was little. Before coming to the United States, I was a video editor in Japan for 5 years. I came to Los Angeles to explore new possibilities in 2016, and have found the challenges of a new language and a new home to be both challenging and fulfilling. Up until March of 2020, I was still focusing on editing and production. When Coronavirus began to impact all of our lives last year, like many people I suddenly found myself with a lot more time at home than I was used to. It was then that I began to make these clocks, and similar projects, as my way of finding comfort in a strange time.

As time passed, and friends began to ask where they could get one of their own, I eventually decided to launch a storefront on Etsy to share my new hobby with a wider audience. Every clock I make is one-of-a-kind. Everything is hand made, and there’s no set recipe, so I try to make each one unique in its own way. All of my projects are made of clay, resin, wood, silicone, acrylic and other things that should definitely not be eaten. It’s a fun challenge to try and make these ingredients into something that looks delicious. I hope that the viewers of this exhibit enjoy these clocks, and that my work speaks to the people who love sweets; Especially the bakers, chefs, restaurateurs and all others who find comfort and meaning in food.”