Arts Commission

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The City of Santa Clarita will be recognized as a “city of the arts,” where the lives of residents, artists, and visitors are enriched through artistic and cultural experiences.


To facilitate achievement in the arts for the benefit of the entire community.


  1. Provide leadership for the advancement and support of arts and culture.
  2. Promote economic development through the arts.
  3. Enhance arts and cultural education.


Arts Commissioners

Dr. Michael Millar
Dr. Michael MillarChair
Susan Shapiro
Susan ShapiroVice-Chair
April Scott-Goss
April Scott-GossCommissioner
Patti Rasmussen
Patti RasmussenCommissioner

Arts Master Plan – AMPED

The City of Santa Clarita commissioned the Arts Master Plan to create a long-term roadmap for arts, entertainment, and cultural development throughout the community over the next 10 years. The plan addresses several areas of specific interest: public art, Old Town Newhall Arts and Entertainment District, arts education, governance of the arts, cultural facilities, venues and spaces, supporting artists and arts organizations, arts funding, creative economy, marketing the arts, and celebrating diversity.

2020 Accomplishments

Three-Tier Development Process Adopted – Adopted a three-tier process of developing arts grants and public arts projects, utilizing outside peer panels. (Recommendation 4.1)

2019 Accomplishments

Creative Connection Launched – Create a program of temporary public art.

2018 Accomplishments

Arts Confab – First Arts Confab held in conjunction with the Thursdays@Newhall Arts Walk.

Amphitheater Feasibility Study – Completed an Amphitheater Feasibility Study. (Recommendation 5.1)

Arts Education Collaborative Established – Arts Commission established the Arts Education Collaborative. (Recommendation 3.1)

Marketing Consultant Funding Approved – Funding was approved to hire a marketing consultant to develop a comprehensive arts marketing program. (Recommendation 9.1)

Cycling Bear Installed – The public art piece, Cycling Bear by Frank Rock, was installed on Bike to Work week located on the Chuck Pontus Commuter Trail.

Support Begins for Newhall Family Theatre – The City of Santa Clarita entered into an agreement to support the operation of the Newhall Family Theatre for the Performing Arts. (Recommendation 2.1)

Arts Consultant Hired – Hired an “on-call” artist, Arts Consultant, to work with City departments and the Arts Commission to suggest aesthetic enhancements for public improvements. (Recommendation 1.5)

Grant Received – The City of Santa Clarita was awarded $90,000 in Arts Grants.

2017 Accomplishments

Amphitheater Feasibility Study – Funding was approved for an Amphitheatre Feasibility Study. (Recommendation 5.1)

The Main – The City of Santa Clarita begins managing The MAIN.

Arts Grants – The City of Santa Clarita awarded $90,000 in Arts Grants.

2016 Accomplishments

ARTober – The City of Santa Clarita produces first annual ARTober program. – Launched

Arts Grants – Created a new capacity building category for arts grants. (Recommendation 6.2)

Arts Commission Work Plan – 2016-17 Arts Commission Work Plan (Recommendation 4.2) and Public Art Planning and Selection Process (Recommendation 1.1) adopted by City Council.

Cultural Equity and Inclusion Initiative – Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee partnered with LA County Arts Commission to host a Cultural Equity and Inclusion Initiative Town Hall.

Arts Grants Budget – The City of Santa Clarita Council increased the arts grants budget. (Recommendation 6.1)

Diversity and Inclusion – Arts Commission established the Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee. (Recommendation 10.1)

Arts Master Plan – The City of Santa Clarita City Council adopted the Arts Master Plan on March 9, 2016.

Youth Arts Showcase – The City of Santa Clarita produced the First Annual Youth Arts Showcase.

Arts Economy Prosperity Report

Arts Economic Prosperity IV in the City of Santa Clarita, CA

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