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Santa Clarita businesses – Looking for original artwork to adorn the walls of your establishment?

Artists – Looking to expand the reach of your artwork and attract new potential buyers?

Applications are now open to join the City of Santa Clarita’s new PLACES with SPACES program.

Santa Clarita Arts welcomes businesses across all industries to find their perfect artist match (or matches) to exhibit artwork in their establishment for a set time period.

The process is simple:

– The City of Santa Clarita will serve as a liaison (or matchmaker) for businesses and artists.

– Businesses will choose from the participating artist portfolio for their next exhibit.

– The City will connect both parties creating an art and business relationship.

                     BUSINESSES                    ARTISTS  

We are currently in the process of building our resident and non-resident portfolio. Artists are invited from outside the Santa Clarita Valley as long as they are within driving distance to manage their installations in person, artwork cannot be shipped. Businesses are welcome to apply that are located within Santa Clarita only. The PLACES with SPACES program will launch in early 2022.

Please note that it is highly recommend both parties create a contract. Below are tips to consider for both parties.

  • Businesses must have a well-lit, secure, non-smoking public space for artwork display.
  • If you are in the food or beverage industry, the space should be explicitly out of the way of any possible food spills or accidents (hanging higher and far enough away from tables if possible).
  • Artworks will be shown in public settings, and therefore must be deemed appropriate, unless stated otherwise by business.
  • Artworks should be 2D and can hang on a wall, unless stated otherwise by the business.
  • Businesses should allow printed materials to be posted with the artworks and/or postcards to be made available on display.
  • The artist should be responsible for bringing contact information, art labels, along with any available pricing and purchasing information.
  • Installation process and procedures will be agreed and scheduled between both parties.
  • If applicable, a reception or meet the artist event should be held at the business.
  • Due to space, each location may vary in the number of pieces permitted for display. Both parties will make this clear.
  • Consider insurance on artwork for any damage done while in the business.
  • The City will assist with marketing for both the business and artist, as long as both parties provide information. Any outside marketing is highly encouraged and is at the discretion of both parties.
  • Artists may submit a broad scope of work to the City using the form below for consideration of available works to be in the portfolio.
  • Participating artists must be responsible for communicating with Santa Clarita Arts on any purchases and works no longer available in the portfolio. Updating or adding pieces to their portfolio must be sent to Santa Clarita Arts for consideration.
Learn more about the PLACES with SPACES program by contacting Sydney Adam at