Highway 2: The Journey and the Destination

December 12, 2016 through April 12, 2017

Old Town Newhall Library
24500 Main St
Santa Clarita, CA 91321

The multi-media art show focusing on the Angeles National Forest and Angeles Crest Highway will be featured at the Old Town Newhall Library. Roads have inspired art for as long as both have existed. In music and every physical medium from cave paintings to modern art, they represent many things – voyages, soul searching, pleasure, pain, journeys, destinations, endings, beginnings, never-ending travel, the nomad, the weary traveler going home, the chase, the capture, and the end of the trail.

Highway 2 in California begins in the city, but where it becomes the Angeles Crest Highway, its character changes. It transforms. It takes on an air majestic; it sweeps us across the rugged San Gabriel’s, a land of sometimes harsh extremes, all the way to San Bernardino County, through the charming community of Wrightwood, and out into the desert beyond. The exhibit will feature photography, oil, acrylic and watercolor, sculpture, hand-crafted prints, and paper art.

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