Rio Norte Junior High Art Exhibition

January 2017 through March 2017

Valencia Westfield Arts Education Community Wall (near Sears)
24201 Valencia Blvd.
Valencia, CA 91355

Rio Norte Junior High’s Art Exhibition invites viewers to scrutinize their artwork in the contemporary. A quote from Anabelle Gogol, “Each day we are discovering new things, improving old things, and always learning”.  Rio Norte students share a variety of artwork with you that are about tradition, medium, technique, relevance, and ideology.

The art world is constantly evolving; every artist is creating, exploring, and working on defining they’re own style. Some will hold onto tradition and others will strive towards what has not been done before.  Yet, there is significance to tradition.  In order to push boundaries and create the avant-garde, artists still need a background that includes traditional mediums, techniques, and aesthetics.

Here are some additional quotes from Rio Norte Visual Artists:

“As our society continually evolves, our mindsets change and we begin to create and accept new ideas, nonetheless we still manage to cling to our traditions.” – Katrina Hou

“In the classroom or art studio as many prefer to call it that, we all have different styles of art. Some of us like to draw in the style of photorealistic, or some of us like to draw cartoon like drawings.  We all still look for improvement by working together and asking for opinions on how to make our artwork better.” – Nathan Stephen

“There are endless possibilities for artists to express themselves, and that is why I love it so much. There are always so many resources, inspirations, and every artist is unique through their style and medium.” – Isabel Buriel

Connecting with the world as it evolves each and every day, yet at the same time Rio Norte artists are still embracing tradition and the foreseen.

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