The Feminine Figure: Strength, Resilience and Insights

October 10, 2018 through February 9, 2019

Canyon Country Library
18601 Soledad Canyon Road Santa Clarita, CA  91351

A self taught multi-media artist and educator recently relocated to Boulder, CO from Santa Clarita, CA, Kim Adam has been using her artistic talents for the past 25 years as a therapeutic tool. Her art and its process assist her in staying grounded and working through the issues life can spring on us from time to time. During the last ten years, Kim has been sharing her gift with others, either educating them on how they too can use art
therapeutically, or sharing her message with others through her works of art. Her art has been displayed at exhibits in the greater Los Angeles area and purchased by collectors on both the east and west coast. Kim believes that art allows us to discover truths about
ourselves and is capable of transforming an individual and a community.

“This exhibit is full of images that are quite personal and serve as a reflection and reminder of my own strength and resilience. The process of creating many of these works of art this year, and curating the remainder from my past works have provided me with renewed insights into the woman I am today and perhaps the woman I want to be tomorrow. The images found in this exhibit focus on the feminine figure’s strength and beauty. I find it ironic that far too many women forget their own strengths. Too often we listen to that limiting voice within our own heads, and believe false societal labels that objectify and stereotype our gender.”

Artist: Kim Adam

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