Dream Seeds

October 15, 2018 through February 16, 2019

Valencia Public Library
23743 Valencia Boulevard
Santa Clarita, CA  91355

Dream Seeds is a series of work that artist Audrey Jackson has created over the past two years. The work is an expression of her own struggles, passions and dreams. Each painting acts as a seed that is planted, slowly growing and blossoming into her dreams and goals. Audrey’s paintings cryptically expose the dark and light of her experiences as well as providing therapy through artistic expression.

Audrey started making art as a young child and since then, has known that art would be an instrumental part of her life.  Now in her 20s, Audrey attends CalArts and is pursuing an art career.  Audrey’s talents have already been commissioned by a national wine company, various musicians and multiple local pop-up art and gallery shows.

Artist: Audrey Jackson

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