Young Artists & Authors Showcase

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A Virtual Gallery Showcasing All Entries for 2021.

Every year, Santa Clarita Sister Cities hosts a literary and art competition open to students ages 13-18 from Santa Clarita and its sister cities, Tena and Sariaya. The Santa Clarita showcase offers students an opportunity to submit an artwork, essay, poetry, photograph, original music, or reinterpreted music that address the current year’s theme. The winning entries from Santa Clarita’s students and from its sister cities are sent to Washington, D.C. to compete with submissions from other Sister Cities organizations across the United States for the $1,000-grand prize for each category.

About the Theme:
The COVID-19 pandemic is a unique phenomenon in that it has affected every country around the globe.  However, as is common in tragedies, hope shines through for those who persevere.  Hope is a uniting force during this time as people struggle to cope with the ongoing effects and once again start to imagine a life without social distancing or wearing a mask. Indeed, the younger generation is capable of dreaming of a human existence that is even more dynamic, more advanced, and more resilient than ever before.

Students are asked to explore the following questions through the lens of citizen diplomacy and include creative ways that we stand together looking toward the future.

  • How can the next generation of citizen diplomats help communities respond during and after the pandemic?
  • In what ways does international experience affect an individual’s or community’s ability to stay hopeful?
  • What are some examples or illustrations of coming together and celebrating our hope in humanity and its future?
  • What are some unique ways that your city, country, or culture has proven to be hopeful during the past year?
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