Don’t . . . Spray It

July 17, 2021 through August 19, 2021

24266 Main Street, Newhall, CA 91321

Reception: Thursday, August 19, 2020 | 7 – 10 pm

Don’t…Spray It is an indoor mural and graffiti art show that celebrates community, togetherness and a passion for life in Los Angeles.

Don’t…Spray It, is about graffiti, street art made with spray paint, but not as you know it. The colors and brightness of the pieces resound and glow on the walls as if in a dance which celebrates this shared moment in time with a focus on the positive outlook we all crave. While street art is growing in popularity across the world, the works on display at Don’t…Spray It are uniquely powerful and haven’t been celebrated on our streets or galleries until now. Don’t expect to see expressions of outrage and disdain: instead, spray-painted works on walls, panels and canvas, with a message of peace, love and inclusion are on display here.

ARTIST: Iris Peretz    @irisperetzart

Iris (American/Israeli/Canadian) is an artist, muralist, sculptor and designer based in Los Angeles. Iris celebrates the integration of street art, graffiti, fine art, commercialism, iconography and cultural criticism in her artwork. She first gained recognition for her mural work around Los Angeles in 2018. Her works are often large, colorful, optimistic and joyful.

Iris studied graphic design in Vancouver, BC and began her professional art career as creative director in the telecommunications, entertainment and gaming industries. Iris earned her AA at Pierce College and BFA at CSUN where she explored multiple mediums and discovered her passion for public art, collaboration and community engagement.

Iris incorporates her beloved theme of peace, love, kindness, togetherness, and inclusion into her public art, murals, sculptures, paintings, classes and group shows, while offering the viewer a safe space to be content. Her works have appeared on public and private walls around Los Angeles and Florida, on clothing brands, at local shelters, bridge housing communities, festivals, pop-ups, private parties, in art galleries and on the side of freeways. Iris is driven by her passion for our shared experience as a global, local and familial community.

Artist: Iris Peretz
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