American Mosaic

June 29, 2021 through September 21, 2021

Newhall Community Center
22421 Market Street
Newhall, CA 91321

Virtual Gallery:  CLICK HERE

In the dictionary a mosaic is usually defined as something larger which
is created by inlaying small pieces of variously colored (hard surfaced)
materials. Part of the inspiration for this exhibit was to reflect a few of
the various ethnicities that are part of the bigger human canvas known
as the United States of America or simply America. There is a popular
saying that “in unity there’s strength,” so if we apply this to America
then her strength rests on the unity of her parts or her “mosaic.” Hence
it’s of ultimate importance to keep America beautiful, united and strong
by ensuring that her inlays remain colorful, sturdy and well bonded!

Artist Statement
Originally from Panama, Carlos is a Los Angeles based, self-taught,
Mixed Media artist whose works are often crafted with repurposed
materials like shredded cds, crushed eggshells, rubber bands, decorative
glass fillers, drinking straws, wine corks and fine stone granules, among
a growing list. While many artists prefer to hone in to a particular style,
topic or pattern, Carlos likes taking his art style and topics in a variety of
directions. Be it portraits of everyday people or celebrities, abstracts,
flowers, animals or scenery “mixing it up and creating with new
materials” is his ultimate goal. He often says “I hope that everyone will
find that they like at least one of my pieces, so I can’t stop

Artist: Carlos Batchelor
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